Mr Boss by Fun Factory Hybrid Vibe Review

“How quickly the time goes by,” I said when I realized that it’s been more than a decade since I bought my first toy. Just a little less since I acquired an indispensable (then) addition to said toy – a battery charger and a set of rechargeable AAs. My high libido combined with the fact that the poorly designed stink-jelly rabbit was draining four AAs every few uses made that purchase necessary for my budget. Ever since there wasn’t a rechargeable battery I paid more attention to then that first AA set. Yes, I’m including every phone I’ve had.

This is why my reaction to Fun Factory’s new idea was “in high school I would have killed for this!”. I’m being ridiculous and hyperbolic but you get where I’m coming from. Combining a battery vibe with a battery charger is an idea so neat that I would have never come up with it. Now that they have I have an opportunity to test it. Let’s take a closer look at Fun Factory’s Mr. Boss.

Pleasure aspects

Mr. Boss is above all a smaller, weaker version of a flagship Fun Factory vibe and dildo duo Big Boss. I’m really grateful for the more modest size as the pink Big Boss dildo in my case is the saying “too much of a good thing is a bad thing” made silicone.

Both Bosses are two of the most realistic Fun Factory products (only ejaculating dildo POP created in collaboration with Sememnette comes (pun intended) closer). But even beige toned Bosses look more like they were drawn by Erika Moen than cast from a flesh and blood dick. I’ve got nothing against very realistic replicas, and yet I have to admit that this kind of loose inspiration is more to taste.

The texture of Boss’s silicone is velvety, grainy, which on one hand stops it from collecting every hair and bit of fluff from the sheets (they still catch the majority, mind you) and on the other causes quite a bit of friction. When it comes to Big Boss this combination of drag, above average girth (1 3/4″ diameter) and ridged head makes me avoid the toy so much I don’t think I’ll ever review it. But then it comes to the smaller Mr. Boss that bit of roughness is the detail that changes sensations from “ok, you may continue” to “this feels pretty good”. Oh, what a difference 1/4 of an inch in diameter makes!

Luckily when Fun Factory designers were resizing the toy they didn’t shorten it too much. So while the girth is considerably less, Mr. Boss is still easy to use – I don’t have any issues with holding it and thrusting with it to my vag’s content. And those thrusts, as I already said, feel pretty damn good.

Adding vibration makes the experience even more pleasurable. Mr. Boss’ vibrations are strong and rumbly for an AAA vibe. Claims of it being “the most powerful battery vibe” need to be taken with a spoonful of salt. Yes, compared to other AAA vibes that are swathed in as much vibration-dampening silicone, Mr. Boss really shines through. But it won’t be a challenge to a C-battery chugging beast nor will it rattle as hard as hard plastic “Ace of Spades”. But that’s just physics and not the toy’s fault.

Having said that, I’m impressed with Fun Factory here. The vibrations go deep and remain noticeable even when I pair the toy with a mains powered wand. At first glance, the vibes are focused in the head, but this is misleading. As soon as pressure is applied it’s clear that they are mostly felt in the middle of the toy. This has mixed results: the downside is that it makes the toy less versatile. I can’t imagine using Mr. Boss as a clit vibe (tough if I got it as one of my first toys, I’d probably make do). On the flipside though, when using this toy “according to its purpose” the motor vibrates against my prominent pubic bone, catching all of my lower G-zone, including the nerve endings near my urethral opening.

What surprised me the most about this toy is that I almost always use it in one of the pulsation modes, opting for patterns with longer pauses. This NEVER happens. Patterns are something I try out to do my due diligence during testing and only revisit when I’m really bored. I remember gushing over Miss Bi’s rhythms, but a) I only enjoyed faster pulses, not “pausy” ones b) I got over them quickly. There is something about this motor tough, that makes it feel more noticeable when it’s in a pattern mode. That’s why I’m really glad that Fun Factory decided to keep using the memory function – pick your favorite setting and hold “Fun” button for a few seconds and the toy will start on this level until it resets (memory is reset by opening the battery compartment or draining the batteries).

Practical aspects

In my opinion Battery+ series is marketing move meant to convince people who shy away from rechargeables because they fear that the built-in battery will stop holding a charge. My oldest Fun Factory toys have been with me for around five years and I haven’t seen any warning signs from any of them. I don’t know if that would be still the case if I had fewer of them, causing heavier use (but also less chance of forgetting to periodically up the charge). I’ve never heard of Fun Factory’s toys not holding charge tough, so I’d say that those fears are not founded here.

Aside from memory function Mr Boss has a few other good design solutions that I’ve come to expect from Fun Factory: intuitive, working control panel with light up, raised buttons that click (other makers, watch and learn!!!); travel lock, charging level indication, compatibility with Click’n’Charge, being waterproof.

one blinking led, charged – from 0 to 33%

There is one thing that trips me up with Mr. Boss – the price. Battery+ vibrators are sold without rechargeable batteries or Click’nCharge charger for a bit more than some fully equipped Fun Factory rechargeables. To get the full Hybrid experience out of your Battery+ vibe you need to additionally buy a Hybrid kit (Click’n’Charge charger and 2 AAA rechargeable batteries). Otherwise, you got yourself just a simple battery vibe for the price of a rechargeable one. What gives? Maybe that’s only because they are new… At least on US Fun Factory site Hybrid kits are not as expensive as those in Polish Fun Factory store.

The price is the only thing that keeps me from issuing a full seal of aproval, especially since otherwise this is a solid, good toy I’d recommend to people who are looking for a high friction/medium power inserable with a bit of a G-spotting head. If you are in this group and:

  • need something that can be taken on a long camping trip but will still be used when you go back to civilisation
  • predict that charging a reachargable toy every 3 months for maintenance my slip your mind
  • already have AAA toys/accessories that you use frequently but still haven’t bought a battery charger for them
  • want to escape planned obsolence due to built-in batteries not holding charge after a couple of years 1.

you might give Battery+ toys, Mr. Boss, in particular, an extra close look.

I’d only strongly discourage people with parts very sensitive to friction, but that goes for all Fun Factory insertables. Go for powdery, silky finish, sensitive folks! To all the rest, Mr Boss is a solid, easy to use staple kind of vibe.


  1. But as I said, doesn’t happen with FF anyways