About me

Wild Orchid

Growing up erotically on Harry Potter slash fan fiction I was writing websites about sex and pleasure before it was legal for me to view them. It was partially caused by the fact that from reading “woman’s” magazines I got the impression that it was really difficult for a woman to achieve an orgasm and got my first by accident. Determined to help other girls avoid my fate, I scoured the Internet for some real sex-ed and used the info to write my first Polish website about female masturbation. In 2009 I read Rebecca Chalker’s Clitoral Truth and it completely transformed my understanding of female sexuality and forced me to rewrite my site which I did. In search of sex-positive place place for my less informational and more introspective and exhibitionistic writing I came upon Dodson and Ross website. I stayed there for a while and then moved on to the Shop I Won’t Name to develop my reviewing skills. While writing there it became clear to me that I needed to have my own, professional blog. Especially since I was contacted by an owner of a first queer shop in Poland. I kept stalling and it was only after a month together that my girlfriend sat me down and we bought the domain.