Before you change into a butterfly – Flexi Felix Review

We would like to dedicate our first review on this site to people who are just starting their adventures with sex toys. It is not always easy to overcome your shame and embarrassment or social taboos and go for what you really want in the realm of sex. It is however worth trying as not bowing to social pressure, overcoming reservations and embarrassment can be magnificently freeing.

Flexi Felix w wersji niebieskiej Flexi Felix was the very first sex toy I’ve ever bought. I went to a certain brick and mortar sex shop to check out their anal toys (I prefered this to ordering on-line and it was a bit of a challenge for me – someday I’ll write more about that experience). Since I’d done a bit of reading first I knew to ask for something made of quality pure silicone. After asking some questions the saleswoman showed me something that looked like a catterpillar with a smiley face. Anal beads made by Fun Factory. First thing I noticed was their nice look. Fun Factory released them in three color versions: black, dark pink and light blue. It’s hard to say what made me like the look of them but I have to admit there is certainly something to it. Their friendly and clean design appeals to people who’d want to try an anal product but they are too embarrassed or shy. After all it resembles a toy in the original meaning rather than a sexual one.

Flexi Felix is made from pure medical grade silicone what makes it body-safe and easy to disinfect. It’s a great alternative to cheap anal beads that are either made of smelly-stingy jelly or rough-edged hard plastic and ordinary string. Unfortunately the matte finish of the silicone makes Felix quite a lint magnet. It’s a trade-off since it also helps lube stay nicely in place. Sometimes you put a lubed sex toy inside you and pull it out dry (ouch!) – not in this case. Of course this depends also on the lube. It’s worth remembering that one of the advantages of silicone toys is that unless you’re planning on using latex or poliisoprene barriers (poliurethane is A-ok) you can coat them in oil-based lube. Oil based lubes can be awesome for anal play especially for those people that are sensitive to glycerin and have limited access to glycerin-free options.

The shape of the beads is one of the bigger advantages of this toy. They are not round but egg-shaped. Slow tapering makes insertion easier especially for people who have difficulty relaxing their sphincter and find round ends problematic while steeper ending makes the beads provide more sensations on their way out. The beads’ size – starting at 18 mm (3/4″) diameter and going up only to 23 mm (1″) -makes them an ideal toy for people who don’t have much experience or simply prefer subtler sensations during anal play. The insertable length is 26 cm (10″), although, as you can see in the picture below, they are really stretchy and have quite a bit of a give. They feel secure tough – I don’t think I could ever break them during use or that they could slap me going out.

The string ends with a handle in a shape of cartoony caterpillar’s face with eye-sockets serving as finger holes. It works well at preventing Felix from spending more time inside us than we would like but also doesn’t dig into buttocks. The design is really well though-out.

Jak rozciągliwy jest materiał

At the beginning of my adventure with sex toys those beads gave me a lot of joy. Nowadays I use them less because the small size isn’t satisfying the way it was before. Still, every now and then, when I have wild craving for anal play and enough patience for long preparation or my body doesn’t feel like it is going to allow anything bigger, I take Flexi Felix out of our chest.

Final verdict:

I recommend Flexi Felix – especially if haven’t started exploring anal play yet. You won’t have to worry about it getting “lost” and afterwards you’ll be able to clean it with soap and water (and if you want disinfect it). A thing to remember is to wash off any agents you use – you really don’t need another hole in your body ;-)

Only people I won’t recommend it to are those who need more girth and those who don’t find the humor in the design appealing. After all YKINMK and not everyone wants a smiling caterpillar sticking it’s head out of their butt.